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About Us

SuirStrings is founded and managed by Roger David, who has a busy performing schedule in Ireland and the U.K. using only the finest calibre professional musicians


Roger was born in NSW Australia. He moved to the UK as a child and grew up in Pembrokeshire, where he began learning the cello at the age of 8. He went on to study music at university in Bangor and Durham, continuing his cello studies under teachers Prudence Ashbee and Ioan Davies, the latter of the Fizwilliam Quartet, and more recently Gethin Jones of the RLPO at Liverpool Hope University where Roger earned his MA in cello performance.


Roger has extensive experience as a section leader. For twenty years he was leader of the Ludlow Symphony Orchestra and member of the Cezanne Trio. He has performed freelance with the Midlands Festival Orchestra, Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra, Hereford Strings and the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra.


Roger has performed as soloist in the Bach Festival, St. David’s, and at Durham University Cathedral. In 2017 he performed as concerto soloist with the RLPO, Capstone Hall, Liverpool.


Roger now lives in Ireland where he performs cello and writes music resources.

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