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Terms and Conditions


DEPOSIT: Your date will be firmly reserved once the booking is agreed along with €100 deposit.

FEE: The balance of the fee (minus deposit) is payable one month prior to the event. There are no other fees. We do not charge VAT or travelling expenses.

CANCELLATION: If the booking is cancelled, the deposit cannot be refunded. If cancellation is within 14 days of performance date, a charge of 50% of the total is incurred. If cancellation is within 24 hours of the performance, 100% of the total fee is charged.

TIMES: The duration of time SuirStrings is booked covers the entire time from the agreed start time to the agreed completion time, even when there are breaks in playing in between.

TRAVEL: We do not charge for travel up to and including 100 km from Waterford city. Anything above 100km is to be negotiated during the booking process.

BREAKS: When playing for more than one hour continuously the quartet will take breaks of no more than 10 minutes every hour.


If you wish the musicians to play for longer on the day please approach the leader at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled end of performance. Extra time is at the discretion of the leader. Please understand players may have other commitments that prevent them from staying on.
Extra time fee is payable in cash to the leader before the contracted end of performance time. The fee is €60 cash per half hour. 

REFRESHMENTS: We would appreciate soft drinks being available for booking of up to two hours duration, and a light snack for three hours or more.

LIGHTING AND SEATING: Please ensure there is a suitable space available for players together with chairs (no arms) and adequate lighting.

REPERTOIRE: Where you have a special request for a piece of music not in our repertoire this can be arranged for a small fee.

DRESS: Our normal dress is black concert evening dress. Please inform us if you would like a specific colour theme.


Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions. 

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